Website design is a collection of many different skills - from copy-writing to layout – all combined to create a unique aesthetic to communicate its function and facilitate access to its content.

To create a window into understanding the look and feel you’re looking for in your website or software application, you need to have established your goals. We need to know what you want to achieve and the project’s main purpose. No matter how big or small the project is, a clear direction is essential to designing the right interface.

You also need to understand your audience or users. There are many demographics that can influence your design like age, gender, profession, and technical competency. Where the project is a software application we often ask to interview the users. We learn what you do, and we offer solutions in how to improve it.

Where the project is a website, you need to determine your brand image. This includes the general look and feel, colour scheme, and emotions you want to elicit. Your website needs to embody the character of your business.

All of our websites are designed mobile-first; we develop with the knowledge that your website will be viewed on mobile devices and we ensure a positive user experience across all platforms.

Designing your project with your goals in mind means taking the business aesthetic and converting it into a functional interface that your audience or users understand. All the information in the right places, little to no back-tracking, and create a linear approach to finding the information your audience is looking for or completing a task.



Website Design prices can vary. If you would like us to emulate an existing design or theme, then we can integrate it with your content. This will reduce the overall costs of developing your website. However, if you want a completely unique appearance that's tailored to your business then we would recommend our design services where we create up to 3 unique designs and work with you to build something with a look and feel that you'll be proud of. We also offer logo design, graphic design, and content writing services.

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