The final stage after discussing your strategy and creating an attractive design is development.

Website Development

We primarily develop using the .NET Framework and offer Umbraco as our primary CMS (Content Management System), which will allow you to maintain your own website.

Umbraco is open source software, and is free to download. It’s supported by a large community of developers, and is used by some of the most trafficked sites on the internet.

We can easily extend beyond the capabilities of the CMS and create custom functionality to meet your needs. If you require ongoing content writing for blog posts or Umbraco training, please contact us to discuss our support packages.

Software Development

We build custom software applications for small and medium sized businesses, and enhance the capabilities of existing solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand business requirements and translate them into a working solution. Many of us here at Web Cyte Development have worked in other environments where we've seen how a custom software application can become an important tool in enhancing the performance of staff and the overall business.

Our custom solutions are built to your specific use case and are designed to comply with your processes. There are many great retail and open source software packages on the market that may suit your needs. However, if you've exhausted all your options in the market, we can build a framework that adheres to all your business goals. 

We specialize in marketing tools, extension libraries, and office automation technologies that eliminate the tedium of producing repetitive documents while ensuring accuracy. Our design and development processes put your data to work for you from the very first input to the very last output. Contact us today and tell us about your idea!


There can be numerous costs for website development; initial development, database backups and migration (if applicable), plugin creation and updates to name a few.  The average 1 to 5 page website costs approximately $1,300 to develop. All projects vary and depend entirely on what you need. Below is a list of our basic development fees:

  • Website Development - $95 per hour
  • Simple Database Migration (Less than 1 hour) - Free
  • Database Migration (Longer than 1 hour) - $95 per hour
  • Database Restore - $95 per hour
  • E-Commerce Websites (nopCommerce) - $3,000+
    • PayPal integration - Included in price
    • Website Design and Development - Included in price
    • Monthly Database Backups - $95 per month
  • *Content Writing and Data Entry - $75/hr
  • Website Hosting - $75 per year with CMS
  • *Advanced Website Hosting - $500 per year

Any/all features you request are included at our regular hourly rates as mentioned above. We are honest and loyal to our clients - we've developed many of our own plugins or modified existing plugins. We don't re-sell the integration of these features at any additional cost. If it takes us 5 minutes to set something up, that's the time we list in your invoice. For example, your basic contact form with 'name', 'e-mail address', and 'comments' fields are already done in our base product; and adding a few more fields is no skin off our backs! We keep costs low while providing top-notch products.

All of our projects are developed with in-house code where we ensure your site behaves as expected. All websites are automatically set up with Cyte Manager CMS - our built in-house content management system - at no extra cost. You pay only for what you need.

*Content Writing and Data Entry fees can be waved if the client opts to write their own content and provide all images

*Advanced Website Hosting includes 15 minutes of support each month and database backups (recommended if your site uses a CMS)

*We also accept flat fee projects

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